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AIGSG developed the first real EDGE Computing IoT Platform along with the highest standard Edge Hardware using Intel (r) technology

Key investment highlights

  • Proprietary software - AIGSG’s Event Server (EvSvr™) uses existing industry standards and protocols in networking, WAN communication, LDAP/Active Directory and data management used in most Global 2000 IT environments. This allows Integrators to target smart IoT data collection and leverage any existing network infrastructure within today’s well established IT ecosystem.

  • Global IT Channels Partnerships – Including Intel, AIGSG is establishing strategic partnerships with global providers of IT global products and services, that include Hardware Manufacturers (Dell, Asus, HP, etc.) and Software Solutions (SAP, IBM Watson, Microsoft, etc.). These Market Channel alliances ensure a Global reach to multitude of existing IT Solution Providers and their current customers.

  • Management team – AIGSG’s Management team and Board of Directors have decades of company start-up experience. The Founder and CEO has over 20 years of experience in the IT and Automation industry dealing with large corporations.

The world today

Physical World Disconnected from IT Networks

The Bridge Necessary for IoT

The Challenges

  • Data Acquisition – Current sensors on the market do not include processors to enable Edge (local) computing, thereby collecting too much data and imposing unnecessary pressure on data collection and analysis.

  • Network Integration – Current solutions on the market do not integrate with existing IT systems and protocols.

  • Scalability – As current sensors are not designed to support edge computing, they can not process information offline.

The Solution

  • Enable All IT Ecosystem – Provides an essential tool for the complete IT Ecosystem to provide IoT Solutions over existing Networks and with their current Customers.

  • Future Proof – A Stable Base Software that permits implementation within today’s IT standards, while maintaining a “future platform” for third party upgrades by the customer .

  • Non-IT Aggressive – Allows customers to increase ROI with legacy hardware and software by increasing their overall deployment capability of revenue creating “things” .

AIGSG Solution

Open Hardware

With efficient Intel-based hardware reference designs by AIGSG, the Event Server platform can run on any compatible platform and port to any architecture, existing or future.

EvSvr™ allows data collection and process at the edge of the Internet from any device that can generate an event, thereby maximizing flexibility and applicability.

Extendable Platform

The EvSvr™ platform incorporates industry standards and protocols in networking: WAN communication, LDAP/Active Directory and data management already in use in most Global 2000 IT environments.

Hierarchical connection of many nodes, fully authenticated and integrated automatically end-to-end.

AIGSG provides full LORA stack, which is a low cost wan wireless protocol with very high propagation capabilities compared to other Wan protocols

Managed by Active Directory/LDAP

Active Directory turns each deployed Sensor, Receiver Manager and Gateway Node into a manageable object within the Active Directory tree which can be managed, configured, and secured by existing IT staff.

This system of control management fosters high scalability, consistent redundancy, and extreme security.

This standard management protocol guarantees the customer’s IT department complete independence from the solution provider.

Our revenue and business model

  • IT Channel Strategy

  • Hardware Partners

  • Software Partners

  • Certified Resellers

  • Low Cost Open Hardware

  • License Based Sales

  • Low Operative Cost

  • Low Product Cost (software licenses)

  • Direct Sales to End Users

  • Proprietary Hardware

  • Non-Compatible Solutions

  • Long Sales Cycle

  • High Product Cost

Strategic partners

Hardware Partners




Hewlett Packard



OEM Manufacturers

Software Partners




Oracle Solutions

Amazon Web Services

ERPs Software Providers





IBM Services


Intel Partners Channel

Microsoft Resellers

History of AIGSG

Proprietary Software

Historical Facts

- Event Server Development Started in 2011

Full In-House Development using reliable Java Technology.

100% Solid Intellectual Property backed up with 5 years of continuous internal development with certified records.

- “Canned” Software developed from Implementations at Large Scale Customers (banking and Government Industry

Software Architecture Designed from scratch for IoT current challenges

- First Sales of Event Server Licenses in 2014

IT Market License Model based on Global Market Software best practices.

OEM / Government / Integrators Licenses

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